По полочкам

A set of templates: tables, their properties, and relationships for working with any incoming information and creating a personal knowledge system. Plus the correct structure of the good summary (inside each entry in the Library) and a separate databases for mental models and notes.

Proceed by the link and hit the Duplicate button in the top right corner of the screen.


Feel in the knowledge and develop the system according your own tasks. But don't forget the main principles.

What's inside?

4 basic elements of personal knowledge system:


The main content — the result of processing information and the main database.

All sources of information (books, articles, videos, podcasts...) are collected here. For each entry a common summary template is used, with all required fields and the correct structure.


An important tool for linking information and strengthening connections.

Any entry in the Library must have an Author.


Mental models

Mental models is a set of tools that we use every day for making decisions, digesting information and all kinds of intellectual work. In addition to full-fledged notes, these compact, memorable and easily distributed memes should be systematized in the personal knowledge system.


Basically, a notepad for any kind of records. Thanks to the System's (and Notion's) capabilities, any particular note can be linked to any other object in the system and thus enrich each others content.

Main principles?

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